Custom Touchscreen

Below is a short video of my touchscreen

Tablet is a Kindle Fire HD 7″ with custom frame made. Software is HSTouch for Homeseer

Graph generated using ChartDirector and BDGraphs to populate the database. WeatherXML with custom icons (thank you google images)

Fairly Basic nothing to fancy here.

BlueIris to stream video

ChartDirector graph

SnevlLatitude, Jon00 Bluetooth and Backitude.

SweetHome 3d

Custom Squeezebox Touch graphics, Squeezebox plugin. Each Room has custom coloured graphics. Stuck with presets/playlists rather than using the selector which I found clunky and only caused me grief. Keep things simple, with a wall mounted tablet you press and walk away you wont want to stand there searching through songs.Equipment InvolvedServer is Win7 running Homeseer 2 Pro.
Aeon Labs Home Energy Monitor
Aeon Labs Dimmers x 3
Aeon Labs Switches x 8
Aeon Labs Double Switches x 3
Aeon Labs 4-in-1 sensor (Humidity, luminance, Motion, Temprature) x 6
Aeon Labs Door/Window Sensor x 5
Aeon Labs Smart switch x 4
ZXT120 x 2
RFXCOM rc433 Receiver
Q-See HD Cameras x 2
Foscam HD Cameras x 2
Way2Call Hi-Phone USB
Kinect for 360Wall Mounted Tablets
Kindle Fire HD 7″ x 2
Asus V aPad 7″ x 2Whats been automated…
* TTS announcement and Media Centre pop up of who is calling the homeline
* Basic IVR
* TTS reminder of when to put the rubbish out/Bed time annoucement for my daughter
* Idle screen set to photo screensaver so when not in use looks like an electronic photo frame  (Dims to black after 30 mins)
* External lights turning on based on location of my mobile phone and geofence around house (GPS based as well as Bluetooth for close proximity)
* HVAC automation via ZXT120 (As the power on/off uses the same command I’ve had to use smart switch in addition to validate that the device is actually on/off based on power consumption.
* Home energy monitoring  – Graphs Built using Chart Director, access db backend
* Temp monitoring/graphs – Graphs Built using Chart Director, access db backend
* Automated lights throughout based on motion/luminance
* Towel rails based on time/temp
* Automated lights in Kitchen/Family room based on motion/brightness of the room (ended up making the logic have as a secondary condition whether the TV was turned on or not, so that laying on the couch and not triggering the motion detector for a while wasn’t considered to be an empty room.
* Announce via TTS when Garage door is open/closed/ left open for extended period
* Pool Vacuum (Robotic) turned on/off
* Fish pond pump turned on/off
* Computer monitors/stereo turned on in study based on motion
* Distributed music via Squeezebox (Radio/Touch/SoftSqueeze/Classic) incls synch
* Voice recognition – using Kinect for microphone array (disabled due to false positive rate, low wife acceptance factor)
* Tablets change to cameras when motion detected
* Pool temp monitored/graphed via RFXCOM and Oregon Scientific Pool Thermometer
* Subwoofer for TV turns off at 10pm (bedroom above lounge)
* TTS Welcome greeting when my wife or I return home (using mobile location to determine who)HTPC
Win 7 MCE based
DIY built Jaycar Card Reader
DVB-t x 2
DVB-s x 2 (pay tv)
Mediabrowser 3
Extenders – Xbox 360/Ceton Echo/DMA2100(no longer used)The failures
* automated lights in bathroom/toilet using motion sensors (apparently it’s not cool for the lights to go off)
* showing other people how I can control home lighting via mobile phone when the wife is home alone
* TTS front door announcement when motion sensor triggered (false positives saying there is someone at the front door when nobody there
* speech recognition (don’t do it if it’s in the same room as TV – way too many false positives and ended up turning it off for peace and quiet). Great novelty factor nothing more.To do list
* Find a new store to buy stuff from after being shafted and losing money to a certain other Australian store which I wont name that took my money and closed down
* Integrate home alarm system into it. Have purchased all the parts and connected it to my HA server but need to take the plunge and peer the touchpad to the new system rather than the existing. (I don’t know what I’m doing and have a nasty feeling that I wont be able to get it peered back to the original system if I stuff it up).
* Irrigation – haven’t seen much in the AU/NZ market that can be zwave controlled. May have to go the Arduino/Pi route.
* More lights switches
* More sensors
* Continue the upgrade of switches to Clipsal Saturn
* Find a way of getting power to the Aeon Lab sensors so I don’t have to maintain the current stockpile of rechargeable batteries I have.
* Complete the migration to HS3 (currently holding off as dependant on a plugin that is yet to be migrated.)

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