The Smart Mattress cover

I have now had my smart Mattress cover for 2 weeks. Quality of the cover and device itself is good, there is only one button externally used for pairing (no buttons to actually control the device everything is done via wifi). Button has a good feel and feels sturdy. The cover you can feel the wires if you feel carefully, but neither my wife or I notice it on the bed (nothing digging into your back)

On to the problems, first one. Wifi. This device is 802.11b so many modern Wifi Access points need to be configured to enable legacy support before it will work. I spent days trying to work out why it wouldn’t connect to my Ubiquiti Wifi devices before I figured that one out. Next one, everything is via Wifi . If wifi is down you can’t control your bed.

Next one is the IFTTT integration. This is really lacking, but feedback from their support team sounds like they are actively working on providing better triggers. While you can control the heating elements, there are no triggers available based on occupancy (e.g. if both people go to bed, fire a turn off everything command to your house). The only triggers are based on the alarm on the Mobile App or a Night Mode button again on the Mobile App. As mentioned you can at least control the warming element so have already integrated mine with Alexa.

The mobile app itself is a little buggy at the mo and occasionally you have to force quit the app and reopen before it will work. In terms of accuracy of the sleep data it feels pretty accurate. It will give you a breakdown across the night, showing what time you went to bed, time you went to sleep, what time you woke up, what time you got up, how much and when you were in light sleep vs deep sleep, breathing rate across the night (could have fun with that if they expose that as an IFTTT trigger), room temp, bed temp. You get a daily, weekly monthly summary.

verdict – impressed so far, WAF high but really looking forward to more IFTTT functionality and local API being exposed.

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